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Auditory Neuropathy Family Conference

June 20-22, 2002

New Orleans, LA
Reservations: 1-800-222-TREE or New Orleans Direct: 1-888-874-9074
Reservation Code for the group is Kresge
Hotel Registration Deadline May 20, 2002
As of May 14th there are only 3 rooms left in the blocked group so you MUST reserve your room now to get the special rate. I had a difficult time getting through on the New Orleans direct number and called the first number listed above.
Doubletree New Orleans Information

The Auditory Neuropathy Listserve Conference is a free conference for family members of AN patients and adult AN patients. It promises to be an exciting and educational weekend for parents of children with this unusual diagnosis. Presentations by the leading researchers on auditory neuropathy are planned, as well as discussions. Come prepared to ask anything and everything you always wanted to know about auditory neuropathy. You will hear the latest in treatment plans for your children, current research data related to the number of children affected and possible causes, and the latest in genetics, as it relates to auditory neuropathy. You can meet adults and children with auditory neuropathy that are using a variety of communication methods and some that have cochlear implants and learn how they are progressing. Learn how we deal with explaining the confusion of auditory neuropathy to family and friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents with children that fit into this unusual category of hearing loss.

Bring the family and join us for a fun-filled learning experience in New Orleans, Louisiana! Don't worry about who will be watching the kids while you are in sessions! Child care will be provided by LSU Allied Health students and a teacher of the deaf proficient in signing and cueing. Adventure, fun, food, fellowship, education, and meeting new friends are all on the agenda. For those that attended either of the earlier conferences it will be exciting having the chance to reunite with people you met and finding out how their children are progressing. Even more exciting is for the new members to finally be able to put a face with the names you see in your email from the listserve!

Meet us in New Orleans for an educational and fun weekend!

Tenative Conference Presentations

These are the probable speakers at the conference but we are awaiting replies from others.
  • Charles I. Berlin, Ph. D.
  • Linda J. Hood, Ph.D.
  • Bronya Keats, Ph.D
Boystown National Research Hospital
  • Renee Rogers Varga, Genetics Graduate Student
University of CA, Irvine
  • Arnold Starr, MD

Schedule of Events

Wednesday-June 19, 2002
Thursday-June 20, 2002

Friday-June 21,2002
Saturday-June 22,2002
Sunday-June 23,2002

To register for the conference please fill out the online registration form . Elaine will notify you by email that your information was received so you must put your email address on the registration sheet.

THANK YOU! I look forward to meeting everyone!