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Our Journey

Auditory Neuropathy
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Welcome To Jake's Journey

The journey we embarked upon when we found that our son Jacob was hearing impaired has been quite interesting, to say the least. When the Auditory Neuropathy issue was thrown in our life was rarely dull. In building this website, I felt that people needed to know how difficult it has been for us to reach the place we are today. I want you to understand what a long, hard road this has been for all of us, not just Jake. There have been thousands of tears shed throughout this journey with some of them being happy tears and some sad. For this reason, I need to tell his story. I'll warn you up front that it is long but I tried to cut to the chase as best I could. It became more of an online journal than I intended it to be, but now I have detailed documentation of our journey!
First, I will say that I have worked hard to overcome the resentments I had toward some of the people that have been involved with his care. Some parts of the story may make you think that I distrust and/or dislike certain people. As I look back, I truly believe that each person involved with us over the years felt that they were doing what was best for Jake, in their professional judgement. As a professional myself, I have to respect that. I am sure no one ever meant to harm us in any way. I appreciate the hard work that all the professionals have done with my son. It does me no good to worry about "why" and "what if" at this point anyway. There has to be some reason that we went through so much. Maybe we went through all of this to show people that things aren't always what they seem, especially with auditory neuropathy. Hopefully, you will get some benefit if you do take the time to read about Jake's journey.


Auditory Neuropathy  & Auditory Dysynchrony Information