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Second Grade writing Samples

This year Jake had the most wonderful teacher, Mrs. Warrick. We requested her because he needed strict and firm limits on behaviors and with his issues with not talking to the teachers and "shutting down" we thought she could effectively work with him and get him talking in class more. He continues to not talk to people unless he really knows them well. It drives us crazy because he talks constantly at home and we have to tell him to "PLEASE BE QUIET" all the time. Apparently, this was a good decision because he started raising his hand to answer questions on occasion, as well as, answering when called upon if he knew the answers. He even got in trouble a few times for talking in class (WOOOHOOOOOO) haha!

He is using a personal soundfield system in class to help him hear over the noise. We have tried the BTE at the end of school last year and he hated it even though he tests to hear exactly the same with it. He says it looks like a hearing aid and he does not like it. The microphone is on the BTE and with his BWP it is on the actual headpiece and he likes that better. So, he is back to the BWP.

Since his main issues are language based and writing issues I am including his writing samples. He is improving but has great difficulty getting his thoughts on paper. Sometimes he can say the sentence but can't write it correctly.

4/28/03--Earth Day started in 1970 on April 22 by Senator Nelson. It is a time to think about pollution. It is a time to recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum. We can clean the earth by throwing garbage in the trash not on the ground.

5/1/03--This is Main Street. There's a strawberry in my front yard. I spray water on the strawberry. In the spring time I picked up the strawberry. Strawberry sprout on the ground.

5/5/03--My group are Nicholas, Mohamed and Jake. Mohamed wants Nick and Preston group. We pay sponge throw. We play straw throw and I am the winner.

5/8/03--The three little pigs try to build their house. The 1 pig threw squid to 2 pig. The 3 pig is fat and squash on the house. The 2 pig started to throw some squirrels.

5/12/03--The butterfly lay egg for caterpillar baby. Caterpillar baby eats lots of leaf. 4 weeks to go the caterpillar turns to chrysalis called a pupa. They turn into butterfly.

Once upon a time there was a whole week I was in the beach. The hour I started was at 12:00 P.M. and over at two aclock P.M. I was playing in the sea. The sea weight is 406 pounds.

5/19/03--This summer we will play with Mom and take a walk for a long time. Mississippi is where my Lulu lives. We will go to see her then Florida. We will dig a hole in the sand and I will see crabs.

5/23/03 Writing about his trip to see the Durham Bulls game--Once upon a time there was a baseball field. Everybody wore raincoats on the thunderstorm, lightening will come back soon. The man called, "Who wants some popcorn, hot dogs, and hamburgers". There was a seesaw, merry-go-round, monkey bars, and a slide. The rain comes now it was cannonballs evreywhere. Run for it everybody has to go home. There are huge black balls, billion. Wow that is lots. We need to hurry because we need to get home.