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Elijah's Story

Six Months After Implant Activation

April 2002

Elijah is making good progress. Last week in therapy (3/29/02) he blew bubbles. This may not seem like much, but for Elijah is was a major step. Elijah stayed for an extra hour of therapy that day. Elijah has also started saying “baa baa(short a)” when he sees a duck. His version of “quack quack”.

At our next therapy session (04/03/02) Elijah talked up a storm. He impressed his therapist with his “baa baa” for the duck. It was very strong and loud. He didn’t blow bubbles this week, but did almost make a /p/ sound. He was blowing out which he has never done and his lips were puckered some. He also said “momomomaaa” a lot. He signed “more” at therapy when he wanted to play with something. He also waved “bye bye” on his own without being prompted.

We came home from therapy quite excited. Unfortunately Elijah ran a fever that night and the next day. David did not take him to therapy. He took Elijah to the pediatrician instead, who said it was probably viral and would run its course. By Thursday night the fever was gone and Elijah was on the mend.

Elijah waved “bye bye” and made a vocalization all on his own when a neighbor left our house that Thursday night. This was big for him. He also signs “more” which for him means he needs more of something, or just wants something. He has the sweetest face when he signs it. Elijah also turned to the TV later that night when he heard some music and bopped his head with the music.

The parent infant TOD came out on Friday to see Elijah. He was shy around her and cried some. He did sign more for her and made an “mmmmmmm” when he signed it. He also did his infamous “baa baa” for his duck. He played a lot and made some great vocalizations. She thought he was doing well. We discussed possible options for his schooling next year, but it seems so far away.

Over the weekend, Elijah started making more sounds with blowing. He seemed to be trying to make a /p/ again. He has also become quite loud when he is mad or just wants some attention. I am trying to work on getting him to quiet by gesturing /sh/ and voicing it. I don’t think he gets it!!

I took Elijah to his next therapy session (4/10/02). He did great, considering that his mouth was hurting him. He had a fever blister. His /p/ is emerging. He is trying so hard to make that sound. He also made an /l/ sound, but he moved his tongue back and forth instead of the usual way. He was stuck on /m/ also and saying “boom boom boom”. He did a lot with his tongue today. He made a car noise while moving a toy car. He really got his tongue and lips moving. He also did a trill(making a car type noise but in the back of the mouth) sound today. He is just experimenting with all kinds of sounds. Elijah on his 2nd birthday! He was his usual squirm worm and the I sternly told him “no no”. The therapist also scolded him by shaking her finger and saying “no no Elijah.”. Oh did we hurt his feelings. He put his head down and cried. She patted his back and told him that it was “OK”. We got out a new toy and he perked up. Thankfully, he got the message and stopped squirming. He is definitely hitting the terrible twos!

May 2002

A lot has happened this month. On May 9th, I was cooking dinner. Elijah reached up and tried to touch a hot pot. I signed and said “hot”. He immediately copied me. He signed hot and said “ho”. I was thrilled. I sat with him at the warm oven and we touched it several times. I said and signed “hot” each time. On Mother’s Day, May 12th, we went to my mother’s house for dinner. He tried to get near the hot grill. I went to move him and he said “ho ho”. I then said “Yes, hot, no touch, HOT”. He has since used “ho” several more times in different situations. Around the middle of the month my boss came out for her PIP visit with Elijah. He played very well and showed off his car noises. We put a cow and horse puzzle pieces in front of him. She asked him “Where is moooo?” and he looked at the cow. I then asked “where is ‘trot trot’? and he pointed to the horse. I have tried playing this game with him again, but he is way to busy to slow down for me. I plan on working on this over the summer and also on discrimination.

Elijah continues to turn to his name very well. The last week of May he really started using “uh oh”, but he says “uh uh”. He puts his little hands on his face with such a look of dismay. We also had to order him a new microphone. Cochlear overnighted us one when the microphone stopped working. We used the lapel microphone until then.

Elijah has also signed “out” when he was by the back door. I think he is beginning to understand the word “out” when I say it. I am still emphasizing it. We just seem to do a lot of talking in planned in unplanned activities. Elijah has also started asking for his processor. When he wakes up from a nap I will usually wait a few minutes to put it back on. He has seen it a few times and pointed to it and looked at me. I put it on him and he seems very happy.

Elijah has been sick some this month and a lot of time has been eaten up with nebulizer treatments and the such. Sometimes I feel like we just don’t put enough time in with him, but then he signs out and I feel like we are. He also has a cute sound he makes for the cat. It is like “owww” a little bit, I guess from me saying “meow”. He has definitely turned into a little boy. He loves cars. He will play at the train table with his car making all kinds of noises while he drives. He has also become quite stubborn.


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