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Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Books
Acoustics for Audiologists (Singular Audiology Text)
Edgur Villchur
Advances in Clinical Phonetics (Studies in Speech Pathology and Clinical Linguistics, V. 6)
Martin J. Ball & Martin Duckworth (Editors)
Anatomy and Physiology for Speech, Language and Hearing (Singular Textbook Series)
John A. Seikel, Douglas W. King & David G. Drumright
Assessment in Speech Language Pathology: A Resource Manual (Singular Textbook Series)
Kenneth G. Shipley & Julie G McAfee
Assessment of Mainstreamed Hearing Impaired Children: Principles and Practices
Mark Ross, Diana Brackett & Antonia Brancia Maxon
Audiologist's Desk Reference (Singular Audiology Text)
James W. Hall & H. Gustav Mueller
Audiologist's Desk Reference: Diagnostic Audiology Principles, Procedures and Practices (Singular Audiology Text)
James W. Hall & H. Gustav Mueller
Audiology Clinical Protocols
Robert H. Margolis, John H. Anderson, Eric M. Fournier, & Judith E. Hirsch (Contributor)
Audiology for the School Speech Language Clinician
John Greer Clark
Auditory Development In Infancy (Advances in the Study of Communications and Affect Vol. 10)
Sandra E. Trehub & Bruce Schneider (Editor)
Auditory Management of Hearing-Impaired Children: Principles and Prerequisites for Intervention
Mark Thomas and Thomas G. Giolas (Editor's)
Auditory Neuropathy : A New Perspective on Hearing Disorders
Yvonne Sininger
Aural Rehabilitation: A Management Model
Derek A. Sanders
Aural Rehabilitation: Serving Children and Adults
Raymond H. Hull
Basic Vocabulary and Language Thesaurus for Hearing Impaired Children
Daniel Ling & Agnes H. Ling
Behavior Evaluation of Hearing in Infants and Young Children
Jane Reger Madell
Born To Talk: An Introduction to Speech and Language Development
Lloyd M. Hulit & Merle R. Howard (Contributor)
Clinical Applications of the Auditory Brainstem Response (Singular Audiology Text)
Linda J. Hood
Clinical Audiology: An Introduction
Brad A. Stach
Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech Language Pathology
M.N. Hedge & Deborah Davis
Clinical Otology and Audiology
G. G. Browning
Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology (Excellence in Practice Series)
Becky Sutherland Cornett (Editor)
Cochlear Implantation for Infants and Children: Advances (Singular Audiology Text)
Graeme Clark, Robert S. Cowan & Richard Dowell (Editors)
Communicative Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Information About Deafness and Hearing Loss, Speech....
Linda M. Ross (Editor)
Contemporary Perspectives in Hearing Assessment
Frank E. Musiek & William F. Rintelmann
Diagnosis and Treatment of Hearing Impairment in Children (Singular Audiology Text)
Dennis G. Pappas
Educational Audiology Handbook (Singular Audiology Text)
Cheryl Deconde Johnson, Peggy V. Benson & Jane B Seaton
Essential Audiology for Physicians (Singular Audiology Text)
Kathleen Campbell, Ph.D.
Evoked Potential Audiometry: Fundamentals and Applications
Robert Goldstein & William Aldrich
Facilitating Hearing and Listening in Young Children (Early Childhood Intervention Series)
Carol Flexor
Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults and Their Families
Nancy Tye-Murray
Foundations of Spoken English in Hearing Impaired Children
Daniel Ling
Guidebook for Support Programs in Aural Rehabilitation
Carole E. Johnson & Jeffery L. Danhauer
Hair Cells and Hearing Aids
Charles I Berlin, Ph. D.
Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses
James W. Hall
Handbook of Clinical Audiology
Wilam Laufer, M.S. Gabbay, Saralyn Gold & Jack Katz (Editor)
Handbook of Otoacoustic Emissions
James W. Hall III, Ph.D.
Hearing Science: Recent Advances
Charles I. Berlin, Ph.D.
Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss: Family Centered Assessment and Intervention
Jackson Roush & Noel D. Matkin (Editor)
Introduction to Audiology
John Greer Clark & Frederick N. Martin
Intervention Planning for Children with Communication Disorders: A Guide for Clinical Practicum and
Harriet B. Klein & Nelson Moses
Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation
Ronald L. Schow & Michael A. Nerbonne (Editor)
Introduction to Sound: Acoustics for the Hearing and Speech Sciences
Charles E. Speaks
Introduction to Speech Science: From Basic Theories to Clinical Applications
Susan Behrans & Jack Ryalls
Laboratory Exercises in Auditory Evoked Potentials (Singular Audiology Text)
John A. Ferraro
Otoacoustic Emissions: Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Singular Audiology Text)
Charles I. Berlin, Ph.D.
Otoacoustic Emissions: Clinical Applications
Martin S. Robinette (Editor) & Theodore J. Glattke
Phonetics for Speech Pathology
Martin J. Ball
Pocket Reference of Diagnosis and Management for the Speech-Language Pathologist
Patricia F. White
Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Franklin H. Silverman
Rehabilitation Audiology
Jerome G. Alpiner & Patricia A. McCarthy (Editors)
Roeser's Audiology Desk Reference: A Guide to the Practice of Audiology
Ross J. Roeser
Singular's Ilustrated Dictionary of Audiology
Lisa Lucks Mendel, Jeffery L. Danhauer & Sadanand Singh
Speech Correction: An Introduction to Speech Pathology and Audiology
Charles Van Riper & Robert L. Erickson (Contributor)
Survival Guide for the Beginning Speech-Language Clinician
Susan Moon Meyer
The Big Book of Sounds
Anne Moore Flowers
The Efferent Auditory System: Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Singular Audiology Text)
Charles I. Berlin, Ph.D. (Editor)
The Handbook of Pediatric Audiology
Sanford E. Gerber (Editor) Aram Glorig (Contributor)
Understanding Deafness and the Rehabilitation Process
Richard C. Nowell & Laura E. Marshak (Editors)
Universal Newborn Screening
Lynn G. Spivak

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