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There are many methodologies available to communicate with deaf children. Making the choice of which one to use is a very personal and difficult decision that most parents do not take lightly. The focus of this information will be on the child with Auditory Neuropathy, but links to information for all methods will be listed. All families have different circumstances and situations that need to be addressed in choosing which tool to educate your child with. I highly recommend that parents of deaf children read the book "Choices in Deafness" edited by Sue Schwartz, before they decide which method is best in their situation. The book is well written and describes each method without bias.

This information is not to be interpreted as my recommendation of how you should communicate with your child. I am strictly presenting information that will help you make an educated decision for your child's future. I suggest that parents make an effort to contact other families of auditory neuropathy children in order to learn what has worked for us "in the trenches".

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