Auditory Neuropathy & Auditory Dyssynchrony


The Auditory Neuropathy Email List

I initially started the Auditory Neuropathy email list in September of 1999 to give the parents of children with Auditory Neuropathy a place to meet and discuss their children. It has been a source of information and support for all the parents involved. I've found that I am not alone in the world of auditory neuropathy because so many of us have experienced the same things with our children.

In March 2006, there are over 1000 members and it is still growing! In the first month it was operational there were so many requests to join from professionals that I decided to open the list up to audiologists, educators and speech pathologists that deal with children with the diagnosis. I did this with the hope of giving them some much needed insight into what we go through raising children with this confusing diagnosis. HOWEVER, there are times that some professionals have been offended by what is said by stressed out parents. For that reason, I started a list specifically for professionals dealing with Auditory Neuropathy. If you are interested in joining the parents list follow the link below to the Yahoo Groups Site. You may also email Elaine for more information.

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The Auditory Neuropathy Professional Email List
Auditory Neuropathy Professionals Forum is designed to allow professionals that deal with Auditory Neuropathy/Auditory Dys-synchrony patients a place to talk, ask questions and share information. This is a closed, membership only forum that will allow professionals to share information away from the AN parent listserve. In order to be approved for membership you must supply the information requested on the Yahoo Groups Site. If you are a parent of an AN child that is also a professional in the field and wish to join you will be considered but must participate as a professional, not as a parent. (ie: if you are a teacher with children on your caseload you can ask questions about that but not your OWN CHILD. You may join the parents list for questions about your own child.)
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The Newborn Jaundice/Kernicterus List
Many of the AN kids were preemies or sick babies and fall into this category. There is also a forum for parents of children that had hyperbilirubinemia or Kernicterus that you can join. Many parents are on both lists.
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Other Hearing Loss Related Listservs

  • Listen-up Listserve -List membership is restricted to parents or family members of deaf/hard of hearing children and was created to support their informational and emotional needs.
  • Parent Deaf HH- This is a listserv for for the discussion of parenting issues faced by parents raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Parents, educators and professionals are invited to subscribe. (sponsored by the American Society for Deaf Children)
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If you know of other lists that you want to see listed please email me the information.